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  • I’m kind of new to the community, although I’ve found a distinct lack of original design with WordPress. Many many sites relying on default template installs or simply reworking one or two layout nuances and putting the thing live.
    I’d like to compile a list of simply stunning WordPress designs. I’ve got a few on my table, but I’d like to hear from the community on this. Tell me your favorite WP site (design wise) and tell me why, or don’t. I expect there is a number of great designs, but I simply haven’t been exposed to them. Impress me 🙂

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  • is definitely one of them

    Here are a couple of sites that photomatt, aka Matt Mullenwhatzahiggy thinks are fabu.

    Hmmm, I do not particularly agree with Matt about a few sites in his list 🙂

    * a distinct lack of original design with WordPress* Yeah right. is not only powered by WordPress, it was nominated for a Best Design Bloggie. If you look through the blog design showcases like CSS Vault and Blogs By Their Covers (itself run on WordPress) you might find more. Most top designers, it’s true, are still on MT, but that’s changing.
    There are plenty of well-designed WordPress sites, they just don’t necessarily feel they have to plug themselves here 🙂

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I know this could start an argument, but I don’t go to sites for what they look like, I go for what is written there.
    ‘Judging books by their covers’ ? Not me.

    That’s not really relevant, is it? Somebody asked for well-designed blogs as an example of what could be achieved with WordPress. If you’re indifferent to design, fair enough, but that doesn’t really have anything to do with this thread.
    p.s. I like seriocomic and binarybonsai best.

    Root>> Please, do not start arguments. If you will re-read my post, you misquoted me – taking out the most important part of that sentence.

    I’m kind of new to the community, although I’ve found a distinct lack of original design with WordPress.

    Which was the entire point of this post. I want to find more original WP powered sites. Root, instead of attacking me, would you mind listing a few of the more original designs powered by WP out there?
    podz> To each his own of course. I am a design-fueled individual. I read blogs that are pretty – why? Well, because I generally read blogs on design. If someone claimed to be a design expert w/ a WP default install, I’m not going to give it very much thought.
    Anonymous> Thanks for those links, although I am a regular of the Vault (and have been for quite a while now) It’s the only reason I would have found out about WP. But still, I think I’ve only noticed maybe two or three WP powered sites there, compared to the 200+ of MT.

    I’ll nominate a friend’s blog:
    I helped him make the switch from typepad and he’s extremely happy. He’s a designer out of nyc.
    And if it’s not too forward, I’d like to nominate my own as well:

    You go, Gloddy! And dayum, you’ve got a gorgeous site there!! Love it! (I was gonna be a supremely egotistical brat and nominate mine (as it has over 20 skins), but now since you’ve thrown yours up, I’ll just slink away in shame!!!)

    Marvin, beautiful weblogs! Specially the first and last one.

    What an ADORABLE cat, Marvin. You know, ginger tabbies always have the best personalities. (I should know, I have a 24 pounder who’s a doll!)
    Now I just need to learn that language so I can keep up with what Marvin’s cat’s up to!

    Design is just as important as content IMO, If it looks shit and you cant read the content, whats the point?
    Of course a functional design ok though, im a fan of the more simple sites myself, like binarybonsai for example

    sorry, that was me 😉 — hadnt logged in … obviously

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 47 total)
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