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  • Yes, this is just wonderful. Tried many different plugins.. [Won’t name them though… ;)] But this one is simply the best… I use it in conjunction with Autoptimize…. And boy..!!!! The site load time is dipping below 1 sec mark….

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  • Hi rudrastays,

    thanks for mentioning Autoptimize. I’ve had a look at it and althought the plugin’s developer state that “If you consider performance important, you really should use a caching-plugin such as e.g. WP Super Cache or HyperCache to complement Autoptimize”, I wonder if this is really necessary with Quick Cache, because at least Quick Cache PRO has some options which seem to do the same thing as Autoptimize: compress JS, CSS and HTML.

    What is the point of view of the developers of Quick Cache on this issue?

    Plugin Author Raam Dev


    @rudrastays Thanks so much for the review! 🙂

    @itsthomas Yes, Quick Cache Pro includes the HTML Compressor feature, which does the same thing that Autoptimize does, however, since the free version of Quick Cache does not include the HTML Compressor, you’re more than welcome to use another plugin alongside Quick Cache like Autoptimize.

    Plugin Author JasWSInc


    @rudrastays Glad to hear it 🙂 Thanks for the review!

    @raam Dev Thanks for the update. I was trying to understand, when it comes to compressing these resources like html, in the quick cache lite version, you/your team has given a nice explanation along with the code that has to be put on .htaccess file. And that is how gzip compression is enabled anyway. So what sets the compression of QC pro version apart…??? With respect to Autoptimize.. It optimizes the resources of your webpage with respect to the codes of html, js and css.. like removes querry strings… inline and defer css… you have the option to put js in the head.. etc… so does QC pro achieve the same…..???? if yes… I am ready to spend $15… 😉

    Also I need to tell, I am on Nginx not on Apache… and very few caching plugins seems to work in Nginx… and this one is the best one there hands down….

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