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  • This is theee beeest caching and optimization plugin on the market!
    Now however for image optimization I’m a bit baffled.
    We have jpegs saved in high quality, not optimized at all.
    We have set options in Lite speed cache:
    Optimize Original Images: off
    Optimize WebP Versions: on
    Optimize Losslessly: off
    Image WebP Replacement: on

    It creates webp images ALOT smaller in size than the original jpegs.

    But it doesn’t seem to care about optimizing the thumbnail jpegs.
    Do we need to set Optimize Original Images: yes for it to optimized thumbnail jpegs?

    As I read “Original Images”, I assumed that was only the ONE original file for each image that the thumbnails are made from.

    But is it actually so that all thumbnails, (when created by wordpress), are considered “originals”?

    Saving backups from all of them would be a waste of space.
    If lite speed cache genereates optimized images from thumbnails, that is bad practice too as it can’t optimize and create as good quality/size as from a larger original.
    Shouldn’t it generate all optimized thumbnail sizes from the ONE original full size?

    Best regards,

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    You mean these re-sized images when you upload? they are to be optimized as well.


    Best regards

    Yes that’s what I ment with thumbnails.

    My question then is:
    “Do we need to set Optimize Original Images: yes for it to optimized thumbnail jpegs?”

    Now we even have “Optimize Original Images” ON
    Remove Original Backups: no
    But litespeed doesn’t optimize them anyway.
    See the file size of the 768x and 900x ones.
    They were very big because we had set wordpress to save with 100 jpeg quality when re-sizing thumbnails. (Also there are no backups). So Litespeed has clearly not optimized them.

    (The original non-resized file at 232kb is 1000x1000px)

    On “LiteSpeed Cache Image Optimization” page in wordpress it says that all images have been optimized.

    What shall we do now to make litespeed optimize all images?

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    “Do we need to set Optimize Original Images: yes for it to optimized thumbnail jpegs?”

    Yes, it does, but if you change something (like re-generate the thumbnails) AFTER image optimization is done or during its process , the changed ones will NOT be optimized(again).

    You will need to destroy current optimization and re-optimize it.

    Best regards,

    Ok we will try. Thanks. However:

    “but if you change something”

    We didn’t change anything (except for LiteSpeed settings) after optimization.

    re-generate thumbnails we did even before we even installed LiteSpeed .

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