• I am a complete noob when I bought my domain and hosting plan over a month ago, determined to build my own wp site by myself— a database/catalog of books with an advanced search form. I found out about Pods from googling and after hours of comparing it from other plugins, I discovered that it was the perfect plugin to do what I want!

    Pods can be overwhelming and you need to have some PHP know-how to be able to use its full potential. The documentation needs more in-depth examples and demos but with all the resources, tutorials, and support that is available on the web, you’ll be able to use Pods with ease in no time even if you start off without any PHP knowledge! Just be patient, calm, and open to learning new things!

    Also, my highest thanks to the plugin author, Scott, for answering my questions and fixing my issues that I posted in the forums. I just finished my book catalog with an advanced search-form using Pods and planning on making a tutorial! Pods is the best!

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  • Can you contact me? I need to do something similar and want to ask you a few questions.

    [email redacted – please keep help on these forums]



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