• Handoko


    Thank you for creating this ‘all-in-one‘ security plugin.

    I use it and I install it on all of my clients’ sites. I recommend this plugin because:

    – Very full-featured, and still adding new features
    – Very less issues (compare to other security plugins)
    – Can rename login URL
    – Login whitelist, unlock locked-down-login request
    – Run correctly on multisite environment
    – Good user interface with well-explained information
    – Good support from the development team

    I’ve been testing and using many security plugins, each of them has their own issues, but this plugin so far I never have any serious problem. Also this one really has most features compare to others.

    Usually we can’t expect much features and good support from a free plugin. All In One WP Security & Firewall is an exception. Hope they will keep it free while maintaining good support.

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