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  • I updated three WordPress sites today (to version 5.5), all from the Admin Dashboard (Updates). In each case, the following message was displayed:

    “The authenticity of could not be verified as no signature was found.”

    Should I worry bout this? The websites appear to be working fine so far. But, is there something I should check (or reinstall), just in case?


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  • Hello everyone! Thanks for pointing out this message.

    The WordPress team and contributors have been working on a way to cryptographically sign WordPress updates as a way to add an extra level of security when updating (which would verify the update package has not changed in transport from servers to your website’s server).

    This message will show until the approach is finalized and the code that verifies the signature is changed to require the verification to pass. Until then, there’s nothing to worry about! Your site is secure, and any issues that you may be experiencing are not highly likely to be unrelated to that message.

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    Thank you, Jonathan Desrosiers (@desrosj), for your helpful reply!

    As you likely know, this upgrade messes with many plug-ins. Do you advise the use of the “Enable jQuery Migrate Helper” to try to mitigate that? The following is what I am referring to —

    A response from you would be highly appreciated.


    – JC.

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