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  • Yes, Facebook does change the layout each time, but the basic concept stays the same.

    Well I find it embarrassing, and maybe your instructions are in need of being updated to the current Facebook because I failed – and I used to work at a Facebook game company a few years back! I worked on Knighthood.

    Frankly I am surprised that they do not issue a class of authorization keys that can be used by people who have just pages they want to modify with third party software that is completely outside of the apps system. Your plugin has a public key, it goes and presents it and gets a Oauth like token for the session, and carts that around.

    I will update the instructions and screenshots this week. It will not be perfect, since the flow depends on your Facebook history (for example if you authorized your phone number or not).

    I also have problem trying to create the “App”.
    Have no idea where to go about clicking “Apps” on top right beside my user name.

    I cannot go behond the first line of easy set up because I cannot (do not know how to) create the facebook app to get the APP ID and Secret.

    Thankfully, my issue isn’t as bad as my friend here,

    We just had confusion because of the number of existing apps on the account. What option to select? Needed to know what type of app as the instructions of course only show the existence of one, not six (three of which are mobile, so we can forget about them).

    I am not trying to make an app like I used to, where users are brought to play on my servers, I am just trying to get whatever type of ID will make the plugin happy. Will any choice do? I suppose I should plug in one of the ID/Secret pairs I generated and see if they work. Had to much to do for wasting time at trial and error earlier.

    Sorry I don’t’ have any suggestions for you Ron. I’ll just have the team drop the feature entirely and move on to the next thing, we’ve got a few billion things to do before launch.

    @ron2000: what happens if you follow the link of step #1 here:

    For your next support question or follow up on this question, please go here:

    I could not find any lace to post on
    Sorry if I continue here.

    Click “here to create” led me to:
    Click “app” on top right led me to:

    There is nowhere I could find to create the facebook app.
    I actually browsed the entire but could not find any relevant place to install the facebook app.

    I now learned that I had to register as developer in order to create the app which I did.
    But getting the app to work is a daunting tasks.

    I give up!

    Oh, that is a given. It should be in the instructions and isn’t Ron. People just assume a lot, this is why there is such a thing as a technical writer. Programmers are incapable of writing instructions for using their code 🙂

    We are having to take a pass on this one too I think. We are trying everything useful in the category at once, as fast as possible between projects. The theory is that if it takes help to get going, or more than 15 minutes for a professional C++ programmer to grok then it isn’t suitable to be handed off to an intern to own the process.

    I think the documentation is quite good.
    The problem here is that Facebook has the habit the change the procedure quite often.
    Have patience and I will update the description and the screenshots.

    Thanks Marcel.

    I appreciate the effort you are putting in to support this and your other plugins. I can’t help but notice that you have written a lot of plugins that are no longer maintained. Did you just have too much trouble finding other people who wanted to contribute to make supporting more than a couple plugins worth while, or did WordPress go off over time too far in another direction with their APIs?

    I stopped maintaining these plugins because the number of users was too low.

    Shame. It has the most 5 stars rating which was why I chose to try it in the first place.

    @ron2000: Add Link to facebook (> 1,300,000 downloads) and Shortcode Exec PHP (> 160,000 downloads) are still maintained (last one even for years already). Also Mozilla Persona is still maintained, but not by me anymore.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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