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  • I was trying to remove a widget (BlogRush) from my sidebar code, because after installing the widget (via “widgets”) my navigation disappeared. I copied and pasted the sidebar code into Word before tinkering with it. After playing around trying to figure out how to remove the widget, I went to view the site and found that my ads (BlogHer)and my navigation had both disappeared. So I cut the code completely, and pasted the one I had saved into word back into the sidebar. But when viewing my site, the sidebar remains blank. Please, someone, help a rookie who has no idea where to go from here except to this support forum.
    Thank you

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  • whooami



    upload a backed up copy of your last working sidebar.php

    barring that, upload the unedited sidebar.php for the theme that you are using.

    Whooami Thanks for your reply. How can I get an unedited sidebar for my theme? I thought about doing that but don’t know how to access the unaltered files for my theme.
    Thank you again for responding.

    sorry,double posted




    Assuming you uploaded the theme –you go download the theme from wherever you downloaded it from before, extract the file, and re-upload it.

    The info for your theme is right here:

    Theme Name: Cymro
    Theme URI:
    Description: A WordPress theme for WP2.1 and WP2.2 from <a href="">MB Web Design</a>, based on the <a href="">Wales Web Design</a>. Theme header image and colours very easily modified, instructions included in the style.css file.
    Version: 1.0
    Author: Mathew Browne, MB Web Design
    Author URI:

    thank you! I will try that.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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