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    The site to troubleshoot is:

    I have had an error for a long time and I apologize if it has already been exposed and corrected. And I apologize for my bad English.

    I use buddyPress and bbPress for forums. For private forums, the bbP Private Groups plugin manages them for many reasons.

    The activity of private forums is displayed in BuddyPress activity streams whether users are connected or not, whether they are members of private forums or not. And it’s problematic. I even had to wait until I could solve the problem to suspend the display of the activity stream. Which is a shame.

    If you have an idea, please share it with me.

    I also made the request on the buddypress support but without success to date :

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Robin W


    Buddypress is a huge plugin, and I could spend days or weeks trying to get it to work.

    In your example, can you say what selections show content they should not – that is what parts am I supposed to click and what content is displayed in your example.



    Hello @robin-w,

    Thanks for your help

    A member of a group will create a topic in a forum or reply to it.

    The item will be displayed in Buddypress activity. Overall activity or activity of the member.

    Whether this member is anonymous or connected but not a member of this group. That’s the bin’s.

    Plugin Author Robin W


    The item will be displayed in Buddypress activity. Overall activity or activity of the member.

    I do not use buddypress – can you say exactly what I am clicking in the page

    and and example of what I am seeing that I should not see

    for instance

    ‘if you click Afficher par activité: or click forums or click xx then you see a reply titled ‘hello’ which the user should not be able to see’



    it’s in the activities tab

    display by: responses

    For example, everything posted in “conseil d’administration” forum should not appear.

    Plugin Author Robin W



    My problem is that I don’t run buddypress, and setting up a test site to do this is beyond time I have available.

    I do not know how technical you are – do you know how to use phpmyadmin or examine the database, I need to know what is being stored in bp_activity table for a forum entry.

    If you can help, I’ll give you more details

    Hi all,

    Just a note: make sure not to mix ‘groups’ and ‘forums’ in what you describe.
    Private Groups is working great for bbPress as it is using forums only, groups do not exist.

    I’m not a buddypress user, but I know that this led to confusion before.


    Yes I have access to the database. What exact information do you need in the table bp-activity ?

    Plugin Author Robin W


    The bp-activity table I think holds the activities that are being displayed in that section including topics and replies that are being displayed.

    Can you see if you can find an entry example for a topic and reply – chances are they have a type.

    If you can post back the line for each including the column name, I can consider further


    Buddypress no longer lists subject creations and responses in forums. The Hide sitewide argument is enabled.

    The forums must be settled in bbPress Hidden.
    It only remains for me to update the flow of past activities.

    Plugin Author Robin W


    sorry, that was lost in translation 🙂

    can you try again please

    I have been trying to find a solution to this already last year…one piece to the puzzle is that if the private group forums are set to private in the attributes, then they dont appear in the activity stream. Only public ones do.

    Ideally it would that the people with permissions to the private groups can also use the activity stream…

    BTW Robin you are an angle always trying to find solutions! Thanks a lot for the constant effort!

    Plugin Author Robin W


    have not yet delved deep enough into how buddypress activity streams work – buddypress is a whole large new set of code to understand, and since I don’t use it, it is very hard to get any enthusiasm to find where the key code is.

    It does seem that topics and replies used to be part of the activity database, but aren’t now.

    If any of you can enthuse a buddypress support person to say under what function topics and replies are shown in the activity stream, I’ll happily take a look

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