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  • liatmgat


    Toolset made the only difference between me having a successful website and not.

    Five years ago I spent $50,000 developing a Drupal website to be able to organize and display information on a new site. My primary WordPress website had gotten to be too much to handle. The new expensive website was never completed, the project stalled, and I almost went out of business.

    And I still didn’t have a website that served my customers how I needed.

    That’s all changed thanks to Toolset. For $59 I bought Toolset, which allows me to create any content and assign any custom fields. All of a sudden, I’m storing and displaying videos, knitting patterns, testimonials, FAQs, products — EVERYTHING that a real business website entails – and I’m doing it on my own, for no money. It makes sense, I control it myself, and I manage the layout for each content in ONE place.

    I used to have WordPress pages filled with 12,000 words or more – long classes and tutorials filled with formatting, navigation, AND information, all in HTML, all in ONE field: the Content field. It got to be too much. Now with Toolset each piece of information has its own home, and I control the display in one place. Before when I needed to change information, I had to change it on every page. Sign-up form not working? I had to fix it on each of 17 different pages. Policy change about my product? I had to change it on each of 27 different product pages. Not to mention the fact that the long pages would crash people’s iPad browsers.

    Success (and happiness) has become available to me – just a regular person, knowing NO code – only because of Toolset. I can’t praise this company highly enough, although I will try.

    Also – it’s OBVIOUS that the people who designed this tool use it day after day. Everywhere you need information, help – there is a little link helping you. Nothing is left out for the user who is learning to use Toolset by jumping in and doing AND the customer support is fast and accurate and solves everything I couldn’t figure out on my own.

    Thank you for saving my sanity, my website, and my business.

    Now a word about their support: Toolset’s technical support is the best I have ever encountered. Their team has worked tirelessly with me to help me use the tool to do stuff I couldn’t do on my own. They’ve even had video chat meetings with me to advise me as to the best way to set up my site.

    I feel like I have a private support team helping me create the site of my dreams. All for free with the purchase of the plugin!

    At $59, this tool is incredibly cheap for the amount of value it provides.

    I can’t wait to create other sites with Toolset, and I won’t blink about spending an extra $63 to be able to use it on infinite sites. For anyone who’s tried to develop a custom WordPress website and doesn’t know php code and can’t afford a professional developer at $200 an hour (or who maybe almost went broke going that route), this tool is an absolute steal.

    I can’t believe the other reviews trashing this tool. I’ve paid much more for plugins that have only done one thing, and not very well. This plugin is the foundation of my whole site, comes with an incredibly talented support team, and costs pocket change.

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