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  • The white text on the blue background (sidebar) is hard to read.

    The all black background, makes it difficult to distinguish the different elements on the page. Some kind of border around the elements would be good.

    The page-bar (Link to us, About, Contact etc.) looks bad without round corners (or maybe a proper border).

    Could be nice if the latest loop kits was displayed on the frontpage, maybe in the sidebar along with the latest forum posts.

    The link categories are difficult to read as there is no horizontal delimiter between the different links (or maybe a proper border).

    The image buttons and the simple looking blue backgrounds don’t go well together, but more like conflicting with each other.



    Thanks for the feedback Snakefoot! I’ll definitely consider implementing some of your suggestions. Some of the things will have to stay, like the page-bar, I actually like that the way it is….Displaying the loop kits on the homepage is a great idea, as well as some of the others. Thanks again.

    BTW everybody, the title of the thread isn’t meant to be a “look at what I can do” thing, but a “look what wp can do” thing……just for the record.
    I was just re-reading the title today and thought, that sounds like an awfully proud statement. 🙂

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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