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  • lagoon5


    The content is interesting, but please at least modify that theme a little bit, like maybe changing the header or playing around with the colors of the template. Kubrick is a great start, but you should begin to play around with it more.



    I don’t agree with your statement. Some people want to have a solution that works right out of the box, and there’s nothing wrong with that.
    Content is what people come back for.



    Content? CONTENT? We don’t need no stinkin content!! ;-P



    Nuclearmoose I agree, but modifying the kubrick template, if only changing the header color would give the blog a more custom feel and would seperate it from the rest of the blogging community.
    and take all of about 30 seconds.
    You want content and identity, your blog also has to catch the readers eye, and seeing the same design, to a tee, over and over again doesn’t give you an impression of identity.
    my 2cents anyway.



    If there is one thing I hated about those mid nineties styles it was scrolling text. It makes my head spin. Still does now. 🙂



    Now you will know MY blog as the one with a box of scrolling text. Identity. Now all I need is some good content. 😛






    Don’t forget to use radioactive green if you can. I’ve heard that it will help you find the women of wordpress.



    Thanks for the advice. I never knew that…
    /me notes to self use radioactive green



    Post it here when you have modified the template.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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