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  • Sheri, mucho thanks for the css tip to force a fixed vertical banner image size in Bushwick.

    Passing along this change in custom-header.php to make this happen:

    @line 62 in custom-header.php (in the <?php if … clause) I changed background-image: cover; to background-image: auto;


    @line 100 also in custom-header.php (in function bushwick_admin_header_style(), I changed background-image: cover to auto.

    Browser compatibility issues however:
    Works in Chrome and Firefox (don’t have a Mac browser to test at this location, will test on my one of the Mac users in my org) but breaks in IE 10 and 11? Need a compatibility fix I guess to cover those people still stuck on IE!

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  • Upgraded IE to version 11 in my Win 7 64 bit installation.
    Bushwick now displays properly in IE 11.




    You’re welcome!

    For the record, I would recommend using Jetpack’s Custom CSS editor and making the CSS change in Appearance > Edit CSS instead of editing the custom-header.php file directly.

    According to this page background-size should work in IE9+

    I tried testing IE9 on Windows 7 using, and “background-size: auto” did seem to work for me in my test. The only other thing I can think of would be to make it very precise and set it to “background-size: auto auto” to match the initial value noted in documentation like

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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