• For who doesn’t know, there is a WP Official Plugin made by a brave Internal team in WP that it is available as “CLASSIC EDITOR”. This will save your life.

    And for the team that has created this piece of crap called GUTENBERG, write a resignation letter and leave WordPress… I Don’t know who was the leader of this development, and who had sold to WP Leadership that Gutenberg was the thing, in any case, you guys have had an EPIC FAIL in a scale to be written in History Books and to be taught in Business Schools around The World as the worst example for Design and User Experience.

    In other words, GUTENBERG HAS TO DIE! Gutenberg was an accident in Human History.

    Shutdown this crap, apology yourself (it is okay to make a mistake, but fix your mistake rapidly) and make the classic editor the official editor once again.

    God bless the team who has brought back the Classic Editor as a Plugin…

    and a word for the Community, spread the word about this Classic Editor Plugin… let’s make articles about this and let the Community knows that we have a way out and maybe, when Gutenberg get like 1% of share among WP installations, WP will know that everybody hates this editor and perhaps they shutdown this.

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  • God bless the team who has brought back the Classic Editor as a Plugin…

    The team that created the Classic Editor plugin is exactly the same team that created the Gutenberg editor.

    The Classic Editor plugin was created early in the Gutenberg development process to provide a simple easy & very effective way for all WP users to not use the Gutenberg editor if they choose. It always was a key part of the Gutenberg teams plan.

    The Classic Editor was also advertised in various WP update notice screens.

    I Don’t Believe so. Even as the same team, I’m sure they’ve got splited.

    In any case, I Don’t Believe for a Second that Gutenberg as it is today will be accepted by the Community… just see how badly it is being rated. It is hard to imagine that Gutenberg can change this perception and bad results if it doesn’t change completely it is onw core…

    It is not that the Community it is being resistent to innovation. It is that Gutenberg was really badly designed.

    So it doesn’t mind if it is the same team or even the same person who made both, the fact that you need to release something and keep the old thing there shows that from the start Gutenberg was also recognized internally as a risk move, but surely was forced down for any reason I don’t care… I’m really interested in innovation, new things, new features, as long as it is simpler, easier and faster (which means you can create more than before)…

    Gutenberg goes all opposite to it. Not only goes opposite to the simpler, easier and faster approach, Gutenberg really makes your life miserable… and I’m not someone who tried for 5 minutes and gave up… I tried this piece of crap since WP 5 forced me it as the main editor… and I watched hours of tutorials, I wrote dozens of articles with it, I really used it… I explored it until I was comfortable enough to master each function, menu and option and after get really comfortable with Gutenberg, I switched back to Classic Editor and I could immediately see the contrast… it is real… Gutenberg is miserable and has to be deprecated for the good of WP

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    I Don’t Believe so. Even as the same team, I’m sure they’ve got splited.

    It’s not a matter of your belief. It’s the same group of people even if you can’t accept that.

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