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  • Just a quick thanks to the WordPress team for really stupendous software. My website at has gone through many incarnations over the years, but lately had been run by pMachine as a collection of articles and links about classical piano. Last week, I decided to make it into a more personal online journal, and also thought it would be a good time to investigate other blogging packages since pMachine has been discontinued and replaced by a crazy expensive program.

    WordPress is EXACTLY what I needed and is just so incredibly slick. I had it up and running in a few minutes. I love the “Pages” functionality with the automatic listing. This and the great default template made it just so easy to set up a full website without screwing around. I happen to be a pretty good php programmer, but was so relieved that I didn’t have to do much to tweak the template to my preferences.

    I am a VERY happy camper…

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  • 🙂

    As another happy camper (literally) using WordPress, it’s nice to hear others happy about it, too. And not that often we hear nice words on a support forum 😉

    Thanks to everyone for their hard work. Isn’t it amazing that everything about WordPress was/is created by volunteers? The power when a collective comes together with a common interest and goal.

    Yeah, it’s truly a great effort. I have tried various php-based content management, news, and blogging scripts over the years. I’ve even written a couple of custom cms applications for businesses. So, I really know what I’m saying when I point out how good this software is. It’s great out-of-the-box and also easy to customize with a little know-how. Obviously there’s good support too for people with a little less know-how.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention something specific that I wanted to. The search-engine-friendly url’s in WordPress’s implementation is fantastic. pMachine had a clunky way of doing something similar, but it required making entries to .htaccess for every blog-page. The way you guys do it with so little effort required on the users’ part is so great. The url’s are so nice and clean, and we even get to choose their structure. Wow…

    By the way, I’m not putting down pMachine. I really loved it for a long time, but since they stopped developing it a couple of years ago and moved on to an expensive alternative, I really had no choice. In the meantime while all that was happening, you guys have been continually building this wonderful free software, and that’s why I’m just so impressed with all it can do.

    Thanks for making it free! I can’t believe it…

    Amen and ditto! 😀

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