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  • My site has some legacy affiliate links that were not migrated to the Genius links format. Well, no worries, the folks who created this plugin gladly redirect legacy links to their own affiliate code to rob my sales and pay themselves.

    EDIT: I realized after posting this comment (and after discussing with a very good support) that I did not set-up the link with my account (I only sell in Canada/France, but I was traveling abroad when I noticed the redirection). So they still put their code, but only in countries you did not claim. Not as bad as I thought.

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    Hi Cheebee,

    Very sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with using our plugin. However – I do want to make it very clear that we never “steal” sales. If you review the description of the WordPress plugin, you’ll see that we clearly state how the plugin works. Here’s the relevant information straight from the plugin Description page:

    As soon as the plugin is installed, your Amazon links are instantly localized every time a user loads the page. Even if you add new links to your WordPress site, each will be automatically converted without any additional work from you. Nothing else is needed on your part.
    – What this is saying this that every link on your page will be automatically converted. That’s the point of the plugin – to make sure all of your links are globalized for your international audience. If you have “legacy” links, those get redirected as well because the plugin is meant to make your life easier so that you don’t have to go back and change everything in order to get the benefit of our globalization.

    To earn international affiliate commissions, you must create a Geniuslink account, and connect it to your plugin with your API keys (detailed instructions can be found in the FAQ).
    – Here we’re letting you know that although we will globalize your links for you, but the affiliation of those links needs to happen through your Geniuslink account. This is because without an account, we have no idea what Associate IDs to use for your international traffic. Since Amazon’s Associate’s program is country specific, your US ID doesn’t work anywhere but the US. With an account, you can tell us what your IDs are for your international Associates programs as well, ensuring you get credit for ALL sales.

    Note: The Amazon Link Engine WordPress plugin is completely free to use and will always globalize your links for you. However, in order to earn international affiliate commissions and take advantage of the in-depth reporting, you must have a Geniuslink account. By default, Geniuslink’s Associates IDs will be used until you have connected your account and added your own via the Geniuslink Dashboard.
    – Again, we mention that when the plugin is installed, unless you sync to your account, our IDs are used by default. This is to keep our lights on at the office and ensure that we can continue building these tools. As soon as you sign up and add your own IDs, ours are overwritten – which is the intent of our service. We are NOT trying to steal your sales, and we try our absolute best to walk you through the process to ensure you get credit for all of your sales.

    If you look through the Plugin Description, the Install instructions, and the FAQ, you’ll see we address your concerns multiple times. Once you actually install the plugin, we also have an alert at the top of the page to let you know you need to sync your plugin to a Geniuslink account or you won’t be earning those commissions.

    I’m happy to work with you to remedy this situation as well, so let me know if you have any questions about the above and what we can do to help change your mind on our plugin and service.

    Thanks for your time.

    Director of Product – Geniuslink

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