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  • Yeah, I know the subject line is crude and heres the meat of it’s meaning.
    I have wp installed as a cms (I think thats the term I want to use) on 3 domains (endlesschatter, scrollsawportraits, and bransonareascrollers)… and as a page link on another domain.
    I have gotten answers when I asked them… thanks.
    I have gotten themes… thanks a lot!
    I’ve located a couple of great places (besides this one… which is also GREAT) explaining wp… again thanks.

    I just wish I would use it like it can/could/should be used.
    With exception of the wp I have setup for a woodworking group that I’m hosting for… I just can’t seem to get up the ambition to blog… the want is there but the desire to actually run the sites are yelling for the tv.
    Thanks to all you people that are working this project, thanks to all you willing to sit at your puters muttering about the dumb questioner and why hadn’t they searched for the answer that has been asked 20 times already… this isn’t a note of saying goodbye, but a note that should have been written a year or so ago… thanks, sorry I haven’t really done anything with it.


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