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  • This plugin stopped working, unbeknownst to me, in February. I’ve lost hundreds of dollars in sales and thrown away hundreds in advertising. If my boss ever found out he would be livid, and probably send the author an invoice for the thousands of dollars he has thrown in the trash with this garbage plugin. Let it be known that I am not pleased at all.

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  • Plugin Author Scott Nelle


    If you’d like you can email me some details about redirects that stopped working. This plugin definitely works with WordPress 4.4.2. It’s possible another plugin that you’ve installed is causing a conflict. My email is

    had same issue, discovered something, if you recently switched your url to https://, thats causing the plugin to stop redirecting.. make sure you add the https:// to the origin url

    Some people forget this is a free plugin that is usable by us only because of the author’s generosity…

    @atsjason People like you are the reason why we can’t have nice things. Judging from your paragraph of shit I am going to take an educated guess you have no idea how plugins work and how hard is to write and maintain them. If you can’t monitor broken links or bother to learn how to rewrite .htaccess rules, you should be held responsible for all damages caused by your lack of expertise.

    I assume you used this plugin in conjunction with woocommerce for referrals. I agree with you that someone should pay for the mistakes that were made. If you were not dumbass, you would know that WordPress plugins are released under license that denies all liability, but I have excellent idea how to reciprocate for the damages you have done. How about I email your boss at about your gross incompetence? Your and his name are easy to find on google. Your boss should deduct any damages from your fees/salary.

    @scottnelle even f***** offered you help after you talked to him like you own him. What is your stance on this topic now? Do you think Mark would like to hear this part of the story?

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    @lebaux Please, by all means, send this to my boss. He will get a kick out of you whinging over my old angry rant.

    @scottnelle: Sorry for my sh*tpost I was totally livid but I do understand this is a free service and I appreciate your contribution in spite of my experience with it. Thanks to everyone else as well, I appreciate your responses.

    I do not care about you, your boss or your sub par website. But hey, it looks like you at least know your place since you apologized to dev… good on you.

    Let’s keep this civil and quit with the insults.

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