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  • Resolved Andres Felipe


    Hi and many thanks for this update, I (and I know a lot of us) was expecting this a long time ago.

    I just download the github and WP versions to test them but I’m having some issues. You can see it here:

    1. That activity was a like for number 3 and it is being displayed ok!

    2. That one is the Like button after clicking it. This one was an activity created by rtMedia (Buddypress Media). The Like action wasn’t succesfull.

    I tried with other type of activities and the final result was the same.

    3. This one was succesfully liked but when I liked it the “Ya no me gusta (1) and and liked this-1” doesn’t appear until I refreshed the page. So the text “and and liked this-1” is already translated in the backend and doesn’t worked, I have selected to show the friends avatar and others number. By the way, I tried to change this option in the backend and after save settings, the settings page became with no text, not a full blank page, just dissapear the BP like plugin options.

    4. This is what I get in Chrome’s console. The first two are minor errors from another plugin.

    Thanks for your time!

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  • Plugin Author darrenmeehan


    Thanks for the great description on the bugs, I’ll try and have them sorted soon!

    Plugin Author darrenmeehan


    I’ve uploaded the fixes for these problems, except the rtMedia (Buddypress Media), I’ve it on the todo list though. Thanks again.

    Hi and thanks for your quick reply

    I can see the version for wp has not changed, is still in 0.0.9 and in Github in the Changelog You have added 0.1.0 but all the files have modification date “a day ago”; even so I downloaded the Github version but the bugs are still there.

    Thanks for your time!

    Plugin Author darrenmeehan


    The version here is linking to 0.1.1 though it’s displaying 0.0.9 (not sure what I did wrong yet) I haven’t updated the Github tonight because I want to upload the svn history from here on to the Github repo.

    This link should bring you to the up to date version.


    That link let me download the new version and this is what I get:

    1. After “de” and before “hace 4 minutos” should be the name of the person who shares the activity in the first time (I think). This activity liked was a reply of another activity, the one below that says “Comentario de prueba”.

    2. When I click “Ver me gusta” (View likes), The avatar appear for a while and then dissappears. And when the ajax makes its job and the text “Ocultar me gusta” (Hide likes) appears and I try to hide it, the text dissapears for a while like trying to find the “View likes” text but then instead of this text, appears again the “Hide likes” text.

    3. Well, this is more related with desing than another thing. When a activity is liked, the button next to the like button are being send below in a new line.

    * I tried to like an activity and still can’t, maybe is a conflict with a plugin or something in the theme, but the strange thing is when I like a reply of an activity the button is working. I’ll try deactivating plugins and changing theme to see if this solves the problem and I’ll tell You.

    ** The setting in the backend can be saved now. Thanks!

    *** In Chrome’s console I’m getting not error from Your plugin. Thanks!

    Thanks for your time!

    Plugin Author darrenmeehan


    Hi Andres,

    A quick update for you! I was busy today with family so didn’t quiet get around to fully solving these. I’m delighted some of the issues were fixed for you, pity about the other few though!

    Happy new year to you btw 🙂

    Hi Darren

    Actually I wasn‘t expecting a reply today, I don‘t know where are You but in Colombia I could go to jail because being working the last day of the year.

    Many thanks for the plugin, the time You are dedicating to it and for your whishes. Have a great new year full of succesfull!

    Plugin Author darrenmeehan


    I guess that’s the way it should be! I’m getting a lot of downtime so I don’t mind spending some time on work.

    And thanks very much!

    Plugin Author darrenmeehan


    Hi Andres, these issues should be fixed now. If there’s any issues could you please make a new tread!

    Hi Darren and thanks for your reply

    I just update your plugin and this is what I get:

    1. This is what I get after liked an activity from another user, a reply to an activity update actually. As You can see, after “de” and before “hace 9 segundos” there is no name, there should be the name of the user who shared originally the activity.

    2. If I click in “Me gusta” (Like) button, it loads the ajax but get a blank button, after refreshing the page the button is still “Me gusta” (Like) and no activity liked.

    3. This is what I get whith the only activity I can like, a “, and -2 liked this.” is being displayed and no avatars are displayed.

    4. The remove function worked excellent but still is being displayed “Favorites” in subnav.

    Thanks again for your time and please let me know if is just me having this issues because it could be a plugin conflict.

    Btw, no errors in Chrome’s console.

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