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    Thank you!
    I really liked the way people responded, as if carpooling was a possible meeting place to discuss politcs, I feel filled with hope not everything is lost. If we used commuting and other dead times to bother senators, we’d make more points that companies with their “support” (money in pockets).

    I think the issue of SOPA goes deeper than freedom of speech.
    Everything is doomed by money and at least small growers, farmers, and even singers start setting free from supermarkets, record labels, etc, the millionaires will always the ones who buy the smaller ones until no decision will be made by us.

    Recovering the power to decide is something we should do soon, as we develop better and better plugins, sharing the code. If we stopped at “who stole my code”, as record labels do with videos in Youtube, we wouldn’t have this wonderful thing, WordPress.

    Times are changing and maybe we, the people the laws are made for, now want intellectual property to be done “by love” and hate patents. Some day they will have to be released to prevent human extinction (unfortunately too late), but until then, we should love singers sing by love to music and fame, drugs to give a welthy life to its creator and its whole family and not to the whole thousands of owners of the company, and politics to make good for others, or leave the chair to those who would for free. As we make plugins to see others using them 🙂

    WE are different, let’s think the many ways we could make “social politics” 🙂
    Somebody write an article about that! write a plugin, or develop a platform for us to vote online, in the car, way home.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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