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  • I’m using WordPress for almost 2 years now. Used to write the html/php code myself and spent most of my time on code and not on content.
    Tried different CMS/Blog systems but nothing like WP.

    Today I have plugins collection, most of it premium and all of them are great extensions that helps me manage my business.

    my website is a local locksmith business and without WP I don;t think I would be in business in this competitive market!

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  • There is definitely a lot to like about your site.

    I haven’t dug too far through it, but one early impression is that the slider on the home page is very fast. I think it would be better if there could be a pause of half a second or so when each slide has finished loading. It’s just a little bit hectic as it is.

    Hi John,

    Thanks for the feedback. I actually just started with the slider, put something together for the meanwhile. I want to make something more professional in the future, but so many things to do before.. 🙂

    My bounce rate right now is about 40 seconds so I’m not even sure if making it slower will be beneficial. I do however want to include more information about additional services.


    I agree with John, slow down the slider. If you don’t have time to read what the slides say, the slideshow is pointless and just becomes annoying. Otherwise effective. Rest of site look very professional.

    Hey Barry,
    I also using word press to run a locksmith business in your area. It is the best way to mange your website fast and easy. This days I can’t see myself using any other different tool.

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    i’m a new user to wp and think your website is **very** cool! if the comments about the “slider” refer to the content that comes flying in @ you, then disappears, yep – as a user i would like at least 3x the time you’ve given me to read what you’re presenting.

    great site, i’m envious of what you’ve done 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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