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  • I just wanted to say Thank You for automating the plug-in upgrade process. It’s so great that I can just click “upgrade automatically” and everything is taken care of.

    I hope that the upgrade to future versions of WordPress also goes so smoothly and simply, as upgrading was a big pain in my butt. It’s the reason I waited two extra months until 2.7 came out to upgrade.

    There are lots of other usability upgrades that make 2.7 great as well, but the automatic upgrade is my favorite!

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  • its just a pity there are no ‘plain english’ instructions on ‘how to’ on 2.7….2.7 sucks…or am I just not searching in the right area??

    What usability upgrades? We should have the option of having menus on the top. The left schtick just hampers the actual work we do regularly: write. The menus should be unobtrusive. With “Lighter Menus” plugin I could do this greatly with 2.6, but 2.7 breaks that too.

    Not to mention that the text editor is a painful beast still.

    And the main elephant in the room — the custom field GUI — is still where it was in WordPress 1.0. So much for evolution.

    Who cares how pretty the icons look. Make the damn thing functional. Give me a better custom field GUI (which I can specify by category and make appear not like one big blob of dropdowns, but as proper form fields — textbox, radio, checkbox etc), improve the text editor that does not override my html, and allow me to have a horizontal bar of menus with mouseover menu items (instead of clicking for options!) and that is when we will think of this as an “upgrade”.

    I was very surprised of such a layout and ‘style’ change, especially since there was a design change not long ago and I was liking it. (That was Like the template of this site if I am not wrong). But I think that the new one is pretty, and eventually I will learn where all buttons are now, in little time.

    Automatic upgrades only work if your site uses the default SFTP port of 22. Many of us have different security settings, including a different port, and we’re screwed. Hope the team will consider offering some of these options (port number) in the Connection window so we can use auto-upgrades etc as well.

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