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  • Excellent plug-in, thank you.

    I loaded my own arconics-shortcodes.css file and it is working great. Excellent design work – I can keep my changes with the theme.

    I am working AOK. No problem here!

    But I think there is a css file name issue.

    I noticed that there was no original version of arconics-shortcodes.css in your files. I went to copy it, and only found shortcodes.css.

    But I see your code looks for it, in several places, including your own files — and I think design-wise your are following the style.css convention. So you might consider making the names consistent.

    Thanks again!

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  • Plugin Author John Gardner


    Hi davestein1,

    Thanks for using my plugin. The plugin looks for arconix-shortcodes.css in the stylesheet directory first, the template directory second, and if it can’t find that file there, it loads shortcodes.css from my plugin directory.

    That is a good point you bring up and something that will likely change in the next version. Thanks for the feedback.

    Great. Thanks for creating best practices in your plugin!

    One additional thought…
    In your arconix-shortcodes.css header put something like this comment

    /* This file can be copied to your theme or child theme directory
    as arconix-shortcodes.css.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Since the directory structure will be changing, the links to the toggle, button, tab. box and accordion images in this file will also need to change. For example
    ‘url(…/../images …’
    might have to be changed to
    ‘url(../../your-theme-here/plugins/arconix-shortcodes/images/ …’
    in order to for the arconix image files to be displayed.

    Plugin Author John Gardner


    Great suggestion, thanks!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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