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    Thank you message should be in free version it creates very annoying bad experience to the site visitor when they submit the form and nothing appears to happen and visitor feels that there was some issue and he again fills the form which makes him irritated and finally they leave the website

    This is the basic need and should be in free version, i would like to reactivate it again when needful is done


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    Hi @craftmytrip 🙂

    The thank-you screen is not available on the Pro plan as well for now.
    It is in our roadmap 🙂

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    I just purchased the PRO version and this is a serious problem.

    When a user completes a form and clicks the submit button, the form stays open for about 18-25-seconds. The form does not close, so it appears to the user that the form was not sent.

    The expected operation would be for the form to close immediately after the submit button is clicked. Or there should at least be some kind of indicator that lets the user know the message is in the process of being submitted.

    If one waits long enough (about 18-25 seconds) after clicking submit, the green thank you message text does finally appear below the form.

    The same thing happens if you set up the thank you message to redirect to another page.

    This issue makes this plugin unusable!

    Can you let me know when this will be fixed? If not, I will need to request a refund of my PRO subscription.

    Thanks for the email. I’ve responded with additional info. Hope you can help.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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