• I have just begun blogging within the past few weeks. After looking at several blog programs I finally settled on WordPress. Why? Well, cost was not a factor, I was more than willing to pay for a good solution. Ease of use, well PHP is not easy to learn (at least for me), and a nice setup in something like typepad would have been easier. Open source software, well that definately played a roll in my decision since I am a believer in and supporter of Open Source and the GPL.
    However, the main and single most deciding factor in my choosing WordPress was you folks! I spent hours looking thru the message boards of the other systems, and while I am in no way bashing them, I found the tone and congeniality of the WordPress boards quite refeshing. From the dumbset newbie question (which I think was asked by me) to the most difficult containing several screens of code every question is answered with professionalism, and a sincere desire to help, with rarely, if any a hint of derision or anomosity.
    Thank you all for making the choice to use WordPress so easy.
    roeddog {W}rites

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  • And here I thought a lot of us were “RTFA” zombots. Kidding 🙂
    Welcome to the family. You are in for life.

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