• Genuinely impressed. Works out of the box. To change the layout of the invoice you have to fiddle around in the source files though (if you think there is need). But for free its a gem. Thanks again.

    swissplugins is helping to keep switzerland competitive. Keep the money in between vendors and customers (by making it easy for the clients) and not making bank shareholders/gateway owners rich (when using credit cards, twint, paypal, ecc). Especially small shop owners who can´t afford to pay 50,- + (thats what others charge for similar plugins) every year for a (QR-Invoice) plugin should try this out.

    Also bank wire (with QR-invoices) is the most easiest (and cheapest) way to accept payments. No hazzle with finding documentation, account statements and so on on the other portals (it´s a mess to find all documents you need for your tax advisor). Bank wire is the (old) future we all should go back to!

    Would be great to get an update (even if its just the version number) so people do not get scared by the wordpress warning that this plugin is old.


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