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  • Thank you for the 4.0 update that fucked up my shop.
    Once again WooCommerce shows that is a piece of shit.

    Goodbye WordPress and WooCommerce.

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  • Hello @finnsommer,

    I’m sorry to hear you experienced issues with the 4.0 update. Are you by chance running your store in a WordPress Multisite? If so, we’ve found a bug with the latest update and multisite stores. While we test our fix and work to release another version, you can either disable the WooCommerce Admin plugin on your store, or network activate it. Either option should stop any PHP fatal errors if that’s what you’re experiencing.

    If you aren’t running multisite, I apologize for the irrelevant information. We’re very keen to fix any bugs, so any further information you are willing to provide would be most helpful.

    Thank you.

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    Hello @jeffstieler

    No, I am not running multisite.
    The new woocommerce controlpanel (in admin bar) seems to be the problem.

    Hi @finnsommer,

    Can you elaborate on the problems you’re experiencing? Are you seeing errors?

    Thank you.

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    No, I have deleted all…. (and still angry!)

    I’m having the same issue, even before I updated to the latest version my woocommerce shop was not displaying properly when you click onto a product and enter the product description page, the images of that product would be all over the place. This has been only recently happening.

    So when I saw there was an update for woocommerce, I updated it and it locked me out of my wordpress with a message saying there was a critical error. I had no choice but to do a full site restore and not it is back to the buggy but at least working site that it was before.

    The woocommerce plugin is definitely the problem as I updated each plugin 1 by 1 and there was no problem at all until it was time to update the woocommerce plugin. As soon as I updated that, I was locked out with the critical error message. Since then, I have updated every plugin apart from woocommerce and my site is working perfectly fine apart from the still buggy woocommerce product page. This needs serious attention and simply is not good enough to be released in such a broken way, too many websites rely on this plugin, not just to work perfectly without issue but to display products properly and not make our websites look like bugged up garbage a 12 year old coded for a school project. Unnaceptable!

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    Well speak @greekgod

    I was locked out too.
    WooCommerce is not for serious e-commerce.

    Don’t want to highjack this thread but..

    @greekgod I just had the issue too that the image was all over the place, but not sure if we got the same issue, but if we do, this could help:

    What happened for me: only the main image of the product (huuuge visual) and the page title was showing inbetween menu and footer.
    This was caused by not having a “shop page” selected under Woocommerce > Settings.

    I got a custom page that acts like the shop page, so I never needed this enabled.
    Not a clue why those 2 things are related, but yeah, once I selected a page none can load into, all product pages fixed themselves.

    Do note, whatever page you set as “shop page” will automatically get a category listing on the bottom (reason I don’t use it as my shop page).

    Hi, it also locked me out. Good thing I tested the new version on a staging site. It gave me a critical error on plugin woocommerce reminder pro. I just deactivated it (by renaming the plugin’s foldername on Cpanel)and it worked just fine.

    Thanks for offering a potential solution @tlouwet.

    Hello @itssdylann,

    Are you able to share the error you experienced with the WooCommerce Reminder Pro plugin? We’re keen to fix any bugs or incompatibility if possible on our end.

    Thank you.

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