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  • The switch to Gutenberg, or a similar interface, on the blogs was enough for me to move both my blogs and my serial fantasy story to self-hosting. I found that abomination absolutely useless for, y’know, producing actual substantial text content on an actual computer rather than a blitz of multimedia and re-shares on a mobile device. It was just too frustrating.

    A popup telling me that it was being rolled out as the new default on my self-hosted blogs, which now include two more serials and my primary indie-author site, made me cringe. I cannot even imagine trying to do what I do on the badly-misnamed Gutenberg interface, which is clearly meant to cater to multimedia at the expense of text-heavy blogs. That is not the knee-jerk “objection to change” reaction that some devs seem to use to justify doing massive changes to which their users loudly object. It even admits its own bias. (Hey, WP devs? There are still some of us posting TEXT!)

    Long way of saying: you’re a lifesaver. Please, please, keep this plugin going forever, or until WP comes to their senses!

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