• As a long time WP user with about 10 different WP installs, I just had to say THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH for the “Upgrade automatically.”

    Even with this first version of it, it has been so beneficial, making a 5-10 minute job each into a 5 second job.

    So, thank you for all the hard work, I really love this feature. I wanted you to know that I probably speak for many people when I leave this positive feedback, so thanks.

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  • I have to second this. I’m a brand new WP user (though I’ve already completed making my first theme) but seeing the automatic install was a shock! You expect automatic updates with desktop software, but I’ve never seen it in web software. I’ve been impressed with the speed, stability, and obvious care the developers have taking in creating and growing this software, and it already promises to exponentially improve what we can do with web pages.

    Three cheers for the hard work, and once I get used to the software I’ll be looking to contribute my time to help the project!

    I like automatic updates too and I very thank you for it. The work is more simplier than before. I search it, install it and all in very short time as well as new WordPress versions.

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