• i just wanted to express my thanks to everyone on this board. while i haven’t made many posts reguarding problems, you all seem willing to help everyone (luckily, most problems i’ve run in to, i’ve found solutions via a search). I’ve used other blog systems, such as blogcms, nucleuscms, etc. and their support is really lacking. Most of the people in their support forums are condescending, and tell you to learn every bit of code in the world yourself. You guys, on the other hand are really helpful. So WordPress users, i say, Thank you, all your help is greatly appreciated.

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  • Shep,
    Thanks for posting. I know that all of has benefitted from this forum in many ways. It’s great to hear some feedback once in a while as well.
    Enjoy your site, and when you feel up to it, jump in with some help of your own or contribute to code or documentation or anything you like…there’s always lots to do.

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