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  • I had been working on a website for over 4 months, and one day I upgraded to wordpress 5.0 and even without asking, it changed the editor to Gutenberg, I may have loved it individually but it messed up all my pages made using classic editor, all formatting gone, why would you do it? it must be optional for people like me who does some html in classic editor. Now i am so upset, i will not use it on my new website too. Hated it from bottom of my heart (Specially decision to forcefully install it on website)

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  • Gutenberg does not change your content if you don’t Update it through the editor. In the welcome page after updating to 5.0, you get an explanation about Gutenberg, and they offer you to install Classic Editor to get back to the old editor.

    If you open your content in the frontend, it should be the same. If you open your content in Gutenberg and it is very different than in old editor, I think maybe you are doing something strange with it, causa Gutenberg handle very well the adaptation from existing content. In fact, I just realized that there is a Classic Block that is used when loading existing content so it should be exactly the same.

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    Elias Gómez, so how come Gutenberg DID change my content with the first auto-save? Luckily it happened with one page only. Now I know that simply viewing the content via Guntenberg might result in ruining the previous code. So first I have to turn off Gutenberg and ONLY THEN browse the pages in wp-admin.

    The Autosave feature does not update your changes to the published page, it just save it temporally for you to recover it in case of crash, for instance. The same goes for the legacy editor as well. 🤷‍♂️

    In case of Gutenberg broken your content in the editor itself, if you don’t Update your Page/Post, when you load it from the frontpage or the Classic Editor, you will see your existing content as before.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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