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  • htaccess file is not showing in file manager provided by ipage host. Can I get a help how to install it in to the file manager? Step by step would be nice.

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  • “Note that .htaccess is a hidden file in Unix/Linux (as dictated by the preceding period ‘.’), meaning it may not be visible using the default settings of some FTP clients. “

    Unhide the hidden files

    If you find the need to create one, use your ftp client or file manager to navigate to the root of your blog, and create a file there named .htaccess with no extension. The “dot” may make it hidden right after creation. (See the above reference.)

    There also appears to be an .htaccess editor available in the ipage host control panel.


    The file manager settings may allow you to view hidden files if you are using that instead of an ftp client


    The option to unhide files does not show the htaccess file, even though it says it would.

    System Files

    By default, FileManager will display files whos names begin with a period (“.”). Unchecking this setting will hide those files in the file listing.

    This is what the htacess editor does. You go to each link and select options. I don’t see options for adding wildcard redirects.

    • Hotlink Protection
    • Custom Error Pages
    • Block IP Addresses
    • Password Protection
    • Default Pages
    • URL Redirect
    • MIME Types
    • Open Directory Browsing

    Also, you can’t add a file with .htaccess using the file system. It gives an invalid extension error. You also can’t change a file to .htaccess.

    What you have to do, is choose one of the options above, which will create the .htaccess file and then you can edit it.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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