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  • I have successfuly edited the textile.php file so that quote marks are replaced with <q> and </q> tags, allowing the standard CSS definition for <q> in the style sheet to define the quote characters.
    But I’m having trouble parsing numbers to format them as a typesetter would, namely in a different font and with a tiny space character between each grouping of 3 characters except when the number is a 4-digit year. That’s a mouthfull. I’ve been doing the formating by hand so far, defining my own style tag of <number> to change the font, but then I have to insert a space or tiny space character inbetween each group of 3 numbers. Also, most font sets don’t have a character defined for the tiny space so they fake it, like Google who puts a <font size=-1> </font> to create a tiny space.
    Has anyone else tried to do this? Has anyone succeeded?

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  • I have looked at textile as I suspect it is the culprit causing a problem for me, but I would love to hear more information about the changes you have made so I can get a handle on textile.
    If you wouldn’t mind sharing your changes with me I would appreciate it and will see if I can help you with your problem.

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