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  • I’d just like to text wrap thumbnails / images on my site and I’m struggling! I tried Lizard’s hack but it’s all going tits up. The align=left attribute seems to wrap the text ok but then the image dissapears behind the post frame. I’m using the ‘mars spirit’ style sheet:
    Is there an alteration I can make to the css to allow the images to stay infront of the post frame, or other simple way to wrap the text?

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  • 1) Put the image tag before all other stuff in the posting.
    2) Make sure that the definition of h3 in the CSS has ‘clear: both’ in it.
    That should do it. If it still doesn’t, make a test post and put it somewhere I can see it. 🙂

    Still not happening K. You can see that the text has wrapped perfectly but no pic, here in the test post at the top:
    I’ve tried clear:left and clear:both in all references to h3 in the css.
    I’ll have a play tonight and re-install a clean copy of my css file as I think it’s still littered with previous attempts to get this working. I appreciate your help, thankyou. It won’t beat me though… Try again later tonight!

    The image is there you just need to get rid of some of the black (to each his own). Try deleting BACKGROUND-COLOR: #2a170d in

    Thanks for your input Beel, and you’re absolutely right. Deleting the background colour worked, the text wrapped and the image was visible. I do want to keep that background colour for each individual post though as a contrast to the main page. Any further ideas? And why does the text sit on top of the background, yet the image is behind it?

    In IE you’re getting that ugly blue “link” border, you might want to add; img a {border: 0;} somewhere.
    Nice job, cute baby!

    Thanks Kev, I was wondering how to be rid of that. And thanks again, he’s a little gem!
    As for the text wrapping problem though, I don’t know whether or not to continue my trial by error hacking to get it working, or wait for the next release of WP. Anyone know if there will be a built in text wrap feature in it? If not, I’m sure it won’t be long before Alex or Lizard or one of the other hack ‘gurus’ come up with a plugin for it!

    WHOOPS. Forgot to log on… Sorry!
    It was me 🙂

    Just wanted to say I was looking for this exact same thing. Tried it out today and it works perfectly. Thanks for posting it.

    I’m just curious, why does the image need to be at the beginning of the post for the border to work?

    From me as well – thanks for posting your info on class=”moblog”. I was looking for an easy way to insert photos into my posts with wrapped text, and spent a lot of time messing around with div classes and never got it to my liking.
    So, Bravo for sharing a simple and workable solution!
    I’m still setting it up, but if anyone’s interested my blog is

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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