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  • xiabolai


    hi, have a nagging issue that i can’t solve. looked everywhere in the forum…i’ve seen this question asked, but no answer yet.

    i’m using a plugin called “WPECARDS” that uses a shortcode. everything’s fine, EXCEPT i cannot get text i write in the post to appear ABOVE the shortcode. no matter what i do, the text always appears BELOW the shortcode generated content.

    for example, if i write this in a post:
    intro copy, intro copy, intro copy

    it always appears like this:
    intro copy, intro copy, intro copy

    i read something about having to use “return” instead of “echo” in the plugin, but i didn’t write the plugin, nor am i a programmer.

    here’s the code from the plugin that i *believe* is in question.

    // Shortcode replacement
    function ft_wp_ecard_insert(){
    	global $wp_query;
    	if ( is_page() || is_single() ){
    		if ( class_exists('FT_WPECARDS') ){
    			$cards = new FT_WPECARDS();
    			if ( isset($wp_query->query_vars['ft_wpecards_view'])){
    			}elseif ( (!$cards->form_submitted) || ($cards->form_submitted && is_array($cards->error_messages)) ) {
    add_shortcode( 'wpecards' , 'ft_wp_ecard_insert' );

    i’ve tried everything but to no avail. can anyone help me so that i can get text to appear ABOVE the content that the shortcode generates?


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