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  • Okay, after much text-widget-disappearing after upgrading to 2.5, here’s what seems to be happening. When I have two text widgets in a row, when I go to edit the second one and save, it completely wipes the first one. If I go back and fix the first one, it wipes the second one. In essence, I have to have an empty text widget in between two populated text widgets in order to get them to keep their text.

    Is anyone else having this issue? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, because I think I’m going to have to figure out how to roll back to 2.3.3 if I don’t get this working properly.


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  • The same thing happened to me. However, I had a Archive-widget that I changed and it wiped out ALL widgets below. Text-widgets got erased, meta-widget got all settings set to blank. I don’t know if I’ll be able to redo the text-widget again. *sigh*

    Maybe a back-up feature would be in order?

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    I have 6 text widgets in a row. After seeing your message I added 2 and deleted 2 with no problem.

    I would think this is caused by some plug-in.

    I have been having this problem from the beginning and have stopped trying to make changes to the text widgets or else will have to keep putting code in them everytime I make a change to even one of them. Any fix or solution in sight to this problem?

    Update: One way I got them to work was to keep all of them open, fill in the code in each one of them and then click on save changes i.e. save all of them at once instead of saving each one individually. Seems to have worked till now.

    Same issue. I had 4 text widgets. They all have been emptied somehow when saving or editing other widgets.

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    Have you turned off your plugins and tried your widgets?

    They function exactly as they should for me. 6 text widgets, I can open, edit, hit change, hit save and thats it.

    All my widgets have names; i.e. Text: More Pages or Text: Recommended Reading. It would seem to me that you cannot call them all Text.
    Anyone doing that?

    I am not calling them anything and most are used for adsense code.

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    You might, just for a test, give them names and see if that changes anything.

    On the surface, the only difference between yours and mine is mine have names and I am not running any adsense.

    Also, have you changed to the default theme to see if that helps?

    I should also say that ….

    – I disabled all my plugins
    – I changed to the WordPress Classic Theme

    And the same issue was there: On Design/Widgets under Current Widgets there is nothing listed. Change sidebars and problem still exists.

    Seems to perhaps be a “bleeding edge” problem with this version of PHP? and/or My SQL since everything worked fine in my previous set up??

    Tarasque & boilr perhaps you could list your versions of PHP and MySQL as well?

    I have names in them and they break too.

    The new widget interface is incredibly frustrating in general. I don’t see why we can’t just move something from one sidebar to the other. I wish I hadn’t upgraded.




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    What I have found is that if you are editing multiple widgets, you have to click the save changes button after each widget edit and then move on to the next. This behavior kind of sucks.

    Widgets need some big lovin’.

    Most of my widgets were untitled since most of my widgets are javascript scripts. So I used   as titles

    I have also applied this trick, edit them all and make a [Save changes]

    After having disabled some of my sidebar plugins (Get Recent Comments), widgets seem to behave normaly.

    Okay, I’m fooling around a little, since I also have two text widgets, one with a Google search code and one with just text. When I add a widget, it gets the same title as the widget that is already active, but I can’t edit the new one. I click “edit” once and nothing happens, I click “edit” again and the widget is gone. I haven’t found a workaround for this behaviour yet. This is my first inconvenience with 2.5 btw.

    [edit:] I can’t remove the text widget that was there when I upgraded and I can’t edit because half of it falls off the screen (under the descriptions of the unused widgets.

    [edit again:] He, this widget screen starts to irritate me. I tried to remove the text widget and another one is kicked out and I can’t add it again, because the footer is over it for 75% (making the “add” link invisible)….!

    […] Raah, the RSS widget is also too wide and the “remove” button falls off the screen. For the rest, the whole page does almost nothing that I want.

    Wow, at this speed a threat is on page three of the “all categories” in just an hour. I still wonder if there are more people with these serious problems in the widget screen. I’m in serious doubt whether or not to upgrade to 2.5 if I can’t use widgets properly and I must say, that I disagree with many people who complain about the dashboard, writing area, etc. Is the widget page in development?

    I suppose this is a cheap bump, but I’m getting nowhere with the widget screen. Disabling plugins makes no difference, changing themes makes no difference, using another browser makes no difference. Anyone ideas?

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