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    I have had issues with one of my sites at several times that adding a new text widget all of a sudden creates an error that deletes all text widgets. I do have a large number of text widgets (25+) in about 12 sidebar areas.
    All other widgets are fine. Just the text widgets are involved.

    I have at some stage worked around the problem by carefully adding one text widget at a time and then reloading the widget page before adding the next text widget and so on.
    This took forever, but it had sort of worked. at some stages it still resulted in all getting lost or that all text widgets while being kept were just emptied. AT the end persistence had meant I go the site back together.

    I am facing the same problems now again. Has anyone had this type of issue and maybe even solved it?

    Additional info:
    The site and database have never been moved. I saw some references to potential errors when sites are moved.
    I am also using the Widget Logic plugin Version 0.47

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