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  • I searched high and lo for info on adding html tags to text widget titles (especially link tag!). It seems that this feature is not native to WP. There is a plug in to allow for this functionality, but since the functionality seems pretty basic and straightforward, I would like to echo the existing sentiment and put it forward officially here, that it become part of the core functionality of upcoming WP releases. Amen! Thank you 🙂

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  • Actually a great Idea!



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    Why would you want to add markup to widget titles? They’re controlled by the register_sidebars function in the theme’s functions.php file and the theme’s stylesheet.

    i (and numerous others) want to add mark up to widget title so they can become links. it would be handy to be able to add links to widget titles in the WP dashboard without having to edit functions.php.

    not sure how the CSS is supposed to help with adding HTML tags to widgets? or perhaps you meant styling headings etc.

    Do you have an alternate suggestion as to how this should be accomplished? Seems that there is definitely demand for this and the fact that there’s a plug in for it reinforces that.

    So use the Plugin.

    I don’t think the demand is enough to push this into core, though. (I say this having seen the question MAYBE a dozen times in the last 3 years.)

    but it seems so silly to use a plug in for this seemingly _simple and basic_ functionality. the web is built on (X)HTML – why not allow html tags and prevent them from being stripped?

    is there something I’m overlooking, i.e. is this feature resource intensive? Seems so simple, and therefore why add an external component like a plug in. basic functionality = put it in the core!

    Ah, no. If WordPress always added in features that are basic, but not NEEDED, then we would have severe feature bloat. There has to be a bigger use-case, more people needing it, for it to make it into core.

    I’m searching for a plugin that allow html tags in title field of widget and post. You say that you’ve got one can you tell me his name I don’t find it in the plugin directory. Thanks.

    I’ve just run into this issue on a project where a client wants some letters bold and other thin, so I styled the widget title to use a span tag for the bold part, which gets stripped out.

    So the register_sidebars function doesn’t solve this particular issue of needing html in the middle of the title.

    It doesn’t seem that allowing basic markup would add bloat. It seems rather that it would eliminate a couple of lines of code.

    Nonetheless, though it might seem hacked, for now I’m using the span tags inside the textarea and leaving the title field blank. A temp solution I hope.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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