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  • Hi, I haven’t found help on this by searching previous posts, so I’m inquiring here. I’m in the process of migrating my web site to a new host and am using the temp domain they gave me. Things look fine in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, on both PC and Mac, but the text widget text is very blurry and looks like it has a dropshadow in IE8. I have been trying mightily to figure this out and would appreciate any help!

    Here’s the page: (see it in IE). I haven’t even tried in more recent IE – it needs to work across all versions.


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  • That appears to be an Artisteer theme? Is that from your host or ?? It appears to have quite a lot of outdated code and errors:

    Yes, I’m aware of that and am planning to work on those…and it is an Artisteer theme. The thing it, the site I currently have running,, is using the exact same code (from what I can tell, although perhaps not) and looks fine in IE. And that site has errors, too.

    I’m just a career counselor who can do some web work – not a professional at this. This is baffling me. I’m happy to work on the errors, and I realize Artisteer doesn’t use great code, but it seems like this particular problem is coming from something else. Thanks!

    I don’t have IE, but I looked at it in Adobe browser lab — and yes, it’s blurry. I looked at the CSS for those sections and nothing seems too obviously IE problematic, but you could try changing various styles to see if it makes any difference — I’d start with the font. If you’re not using it, try using Firebug to work with CSS — it shows you the exact CSS that’s affecting a specific element on a page.

    And yeah, frankly, Artisteer code is really bad — especially when it’s deprecated code — you really might want to consider using a decent theme.

    You could also ask on Artisteer forums — generally, their themes are not supported here at all, but I took a look at it anyway just in case I could catch anything…

    The other thing is that IE 8 really is outdated and unless you have a particular constituency that you KNOW is stuck with it, it’s really not a big percentage of users in the US. In fact, both Microsoft and Google are dropping support of it in the near future.

    OK, thanks a lot! I appreciate it.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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