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  • I have a sidebar with a text widget. In this widget I have three images, two of which are exactly the same. The code is as follows:

    <a href="" target="_BLANK"><img src="" width="250" height="250" class="adspace" /></a>
    <br />
    <img src="" width="250" height="250" class="adspace"/>
    <br />
    <img src="" width="250" height="250" class="adspace"/>
    <br />

    The situation is that the text widget appears as it should on all the browsers that I have (see list below) except on Firefox. It just pulls a blank in that area. Looking at the source code of the page, I can see that the code is there. When I use firebug to inspect it, though, the lines of code appear grayed-out for some reason.

    Is this just a Firefox 7 thing? Does anyone know? Can someone view the site using Firefox 7 to see if the sidebar text widget is blank for you as well?

    System Info:
    Windows 7 64 bit
    Firefox 7.0.1
    Google Chrome (15.0.874.106)
    Internet Explorer 9 (9.0.8112.16421)
    Opera 11.51 (Build 1087)
    Safari for Windows: 5.1.1 (7534.51.22)
    Wordpress 3.2.1 on Headway Themes 2.0.13

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  • I figured it out!!!! I have the Firefox Add on Adblock Plus activated and it was blocking the ads :/

    Disabling adblock plus immediately reveals the ad spaces.

    For anyone else who might have this problem, inspecting with firebug will show the code similar to this:

    -moz-binding:url(—THE URL TO THE IMAGE—) !important;

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