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  • I’m trying to put affiliate links into the sidebar. I’m using the GURU theme. I copy the HTML from the affiliate into the text widget in the sidebar. Save it. View the site, and the affiliate’s button is there. Go back to the widget and the code is gone. Try another affiliate HTML, save it, go back to the site, and the first one is gone, the new one is there. Tried putting 4 at a time without closing the text widget, and all 4 buttons appeared on the site. Back to the text widget and the code is gone.

    Anybody have any advice? Hard to generate income on my blog if I can’t get affiliates to appear.

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  • Refresh you page. When you leave the page and go back to it with the “back button”, it won’t remember changes. Refresh, and it should show your changes.

    Thanks LiveWire

    I have been battling with this same problem, every time I return to widget page, open the sidebar to edit a widget it is no longer there. I’m praying that your suggestion works, because it has been so “rip your hair out” frustrating.

    Cheers – thanks for your help :))

    html should work in the text widget just fine…..but if it keeps giving you heartache…try out a code widget. It’s what I use for my google ads… fine for that

    And remembers my code without an issue

    Just wanted to say thanks again to Live Wire Energy … it works! Thanks for taking the time to respond to our questions/problems.

    Go ahead and mark the topic resolved if that worked! kplzthx?

    Hi folks

    I have the same issue. The resolution mentioned here doesn’t seem to solve my issue. I’m trying to paste the “Facebook Like Box” code in my widget sidebar. As soon as I hit “Save” the code disappears and nothing shows up in my website. Am I supposed to do it differently or there’s an error with WordPress? I’ve been searching around but haven’t been successful in having the box. I should mention, however, that I was able to copy the box in my actual post yesterday in the HTML side but when I went back to it to add a <brk/> or create a widget I can’t have it in either places.

    Can someone help please?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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