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  • Hi. I’m a newbie to WordPress (and blogging in general).

    I’m working on a blogg for my public library and want to have a small search box in the right sidebar where people can enter the search term, press the search button, and continue to the ‘hitlist’ in the library websearch/OPAC.

    Have tried with the Text Widget (Arbitrary text or HTML), but upon saving the widget strips out most of the code.

    This is the code from our supplier of the library “household”-program:

    > <form method='POST' action=''>
    > <input type='hidden' name='searchUnitId' value='0'>
    > <input type='hidden' name='searchDocGrp' value='1'>
    > <input type='hidden' name='SCode1' value='FT'>
    > <b>Søk i katalogen:</b><br />
    > <input type='text' size='20' class=input_200' name="SearchStr1" id="SearchStr1">
    > <br /><input type='submit' name='submit' value='Start søk'>
    > </form>

    This is how the widgets saves it:

    > <form method='POST' action=';setDocgrp=1'>
    > <b>Søk i katalogen:</b><br />
    > <br />
    > </form>
    > <br />
    > <br />

    I hope there is a simple solution… 🙂

    I have made drafts to our blog in both blogspot and wordpress. The search box works in blogspot, but wordpress’ features are superior and I would very much like to have this search box…

    You can see the search box ‘in action’ in the right sidebar of the blogspot version: “Søk i katalogen”. The blog is in Norwegian, so don’t expect to understand what is written… 🙂

    Online, Theme: Andreas09

    Thanks in advance! 🙂

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  • Ehm, are you now making a self hosted wordpress.ORG website or are you working on a .COM? In the latter case, you’re on the wrong forum. In the first case, I have a text widget with a Google search and it works just fine. You have to add a widget, then hit “save changes” under the widget and then open the widget to edit. If you did all that, I’m afraid I’m not your man 🙂 (And a silly question to close off, the normal search widget (or another one that you can download and use) doesn’t do what you want it to?)

    Hi, Gangleri. Thank you for your answers.

    As stated in the original post: online on .com and not self-hosted.

    If I’am on the wrong forum, I would appriciate a pointer in the right direction… 🙂

    Edit directly in the widget is tried. No silly questions here…. But I can’t use google search box to search in a library opac…
    And I’m not looking for a search within the blog…

    kind regards from vegard, norway

    Hi Norway, the forums are here.

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