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  • I’m trying to add some text into a text widget, but there are no paragraphs or line breaks like I would like. I have tried adding
    but that does not do anything either. I’ve tried but with “automatically add paragraphs” on and off. On seems to add paragraphs (as opposed to the entire text being one giant paragraph) but still does not add line breaks like I would like.

    and while on that . . .how would I add a hyperlink or formatting? I don’t need an html lesson (I’ll figure that out somewhere . .. )but the html does not seem to be workign at all since the <p></p> is not doing anything. . . or is that the wrong html anyway?


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  • Hello damon1212,

    You can do the following to solve your “line break” problem in the default WordPress text widget;

    you may have for it.<p /><br />
    Remember to always give

    The text given above is, obviously, for example only and is the end of one paragraph and then the beginning of another. Notice that I did enter a “return” key after the <p /><br /> HTML tags to start the next paragraph.

    Also, do NOT check the “Automatically add paragraphs.” square with the example fix above.

    As for a hyperlink, I believe it’s just the regular HTML formatting, as in;

    <a href="">your link anchor text here</a>

    Other formatting issues? You mean such as bold, italics, etc? I suppose it depends on what kind of formatting you are attempting to do, but I would think that simple formatting (bold, italics, and so forth) would work just as good as the example fixes shown above work.

    Best of luck to you,


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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