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  • There are some issues with adding text to an image.

    Enabling stroke disables fill color. Stroke appears but the text becomes transparent. I would expect to be able to set stroke color and text color since it is very common to have white text and a black fill color.

    Moving text layer is not possible. I can resize it using the corners and this allows me to awkwardly shimmy the text box down to where i want it. There is nothing that allows me to just move the text without resizing the box. If the text is at the top and i want it to appear at the bottom, I cant drag and drop. Selecting and dragging the text just ends up dragging the image behind it.

    The Rotate option doesnt work for text.

    Scroll doesnt work on the hidden elements of the right hand sidebar of controls. You need to close all sections for preview, information and layer details in order to see the layers. Scrolling just scrolls the page underneath the modal and not the elements on the modal.

    Cross origin falures cause the tool to get stuck in an infinite loading. There is no error handling. I was able to fix this by adding the access control header, but the lack of easy to understand errors will impact people who are not able to use the debug console.

    Other Thoughts
    – Save image as new image rather than overwrite current image.
    – Allow new images to be uploaded directly to editor without an existing WP media image. Image is added to canvas and saved to WP library from there
    – Crop selection rather than having to use crop tool
    – Right click override to add controls like “crop selection” and other relevant options like “Edit text”

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  • Plugin Author Dev


    Thanks for the inputs. We will certainly consider these for future releases.

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