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    I’ve made no mods to my blog theme at all. All of a sudden, starting with the 2nd post on my index page, all entries switched from “regular” to bold text. A new entry I just added is fine, too. But from 3rd on, they’re in bold. I re-loaded a fresh style.css to my server. Nothing doing. Checked style.css and there’s no indication of a problem. (I’m no expert, though!) I’d appreciate any ideas about what might have caused this formatting change, and how I might change it back. Thanks!

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  • Take a look at the Adsense code you have embedded in your theme’s index. Make sure that it is complete. According to the embedded comments, it’s supposed to put an ad at the end of the first three posts. I’m really guessing here, don’t see anything wrong with your HTML or CSS from a quick look.

    What’s happened here is you’ve opened a <strong> tag and haven’t closed it, so the rest of the page is being given the bold treatment.

    View the source of your page and look for the following line:

    <strong>Including your current employer, your co-workers, and headhunters. <a href="" class="more-link">&nbsp;(more…)</a></p>

    Add a </strong> close after the word headhunters. and you should be all set.

    Nice catch clicknathan, I looked all over for that and missed it

    Ouch — clicknathan, you’re good. I knew I was overlooking something. I was focused on the code on my theme files (including css), but I knew I had not changed them. You found this by viewing the source on the web page itself. I didn’t even think of that. Thank you very much!

    I’d like to offer something “back” to the forum in case someone else finds it useful. I DID actually close the strong tag in the line you cited. But the close tag wound up AFTER the more tag, which clips an intro on the index page. To solve this, I moved the close tag for strong so it’s before the more tag. Problem solved. (For total novices, you must be in the CODE tab where you enter your post text, if you want to see the HTML code.)

    This problem occurs when you use the WYSIWYG interface to insert the more tag. Whatever formatting you have up to that point carries over. A bug. But dopey me, I figured this out some time ago, but did not check it!

    Thanks again!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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