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  • Hi,

    I have used your plugin for image slide shows and I do understand how you can enter videos. I am, however, not sure I understand how/where you insert the text for a text slide?

    When adding a text slide I am given the option of inputting a title and a description as well as a url. So if I have some text that I would like displayed where and possibly in which format do I save the text? To what does this url options field correspond?

    I would like to use the plugin in the main body of a website to act as a testimonial slider and do not want to go through widgets if possible.

    I’m sorry if the solution is obvious. Somehow everybody else seems to have no issues understanding where the actual text should go, but I am going round in circles and would really appreciate the help.


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  • When you have added a slideshow. In the same place where you can add a picture there is a button to add some text in stead of an image. When you would like words on a different line use this….
    . IT separates them.

    For example:

    Very easy to use!

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