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  • Hello everyone,

    I am in fight with the Gutenberg editor :-).

    Under my articles I always place an image with my name in a nice font. Under that, if any, I always post references to information I used, also if I used some public domain picture. With the old editor this was no problem.

    With the Gutenberg editor I run here into a problem.

    I place the image in a image block and hit align right.
    For the reference I create a paragraph block under the image block with the name.

    But what ever I do, Gutenberg places the text from paragraph block with reference left from the image with the name. But that is not what I want, the text should stay under the name image and not left of it.

    Any tricks to do it (or most likely I am overlooking the most obvious solution).


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  • In the old editor, did you use captions or a paragraph?

    In either editor, aligning something left or right will float that thing. Whatever follows it will wrap around the floated thing until it passes it. Or you can insert some CSS to clear the float, which makes it behave as if it was big enough to pass the floated thing. ( style attribute looks like this style="clear:both")

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