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  • I just recently moved our WordPress blog from one hosting company to another.

    Here is an example of the weird characters that I see throughout the blog now after the move…

    ======== Begining of example…
    Two primary xanthone extracts ”garcinol and mangostinâ” have “potential as anti-inflammatory agents with preliminary evidence for inhibiting cyclo-oxygenase (COX) enzymes and carcinogenic effects,” he said. A 2004 study explored the antiproliferative, apoptotic and antioxidative properties of crude methanolic extract (CME) from the pericarp of the mangosteen on human breast cancer cells.2 Researchers “found that antiproliferative effect of CME was associated with apoptosis on breast cancer cell line by determinations of morphological changes and oligonucleosomal DNA fragments”, and that the extract “has potential for cancer chemoprevention.”

    Wayne Geilman, Ph.D., senior research scientist at Pure Fruit Technologies, added to the list of mangosteen’s abilities: “We found the xanthones in mangosteen are COX-2 inhibitors,” he said. “If you stop that enzyme, you don’t get inflammation, and if you don’t get inflammation, you don’t get pain.” Other uses of mangosteen components include appetite suppression, and use in topical skin care products.

    =======end of example…

    goto this link to see example in it’s entirety

    Does anyone know what the problem is and is there a central fix. I’d hate to have to go back and clean up all these entries individually (in some cases I know what the characters are suppose to be but in other cases I’d have to guess)

    Thanks for any help in advance.


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  • My guess would be it is caused by an encoding mismatch – due to different versions of MySQL database.
    It happened even in this forum during a major upgrade a while ago; you can find old posts with very similar “weird characters”.

    There is a “search and replace” plugin for the database – you may want to try it. Don’t forget to make a backup copy of the DB before running it… just in case that things get even worse.

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