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    hi kaytlyn,

    we understand what you are looking for, but to implement this need extra time also this is not a common request from other user, so we can do this base on you custom order/request.

    thanks for using our plugins.

    Cybernetikz Team

    I actually figured it out by manually changing the code. This is what I used.

    For the vertical td (easy-social-icons.php) :

    <td><a <?php echo ($icon->target==1)?'target="_blank"':'' ?> title="<?php echo $icon->title ?>" href="<?php echo $icon->url ?>"><img src="<?php echo $image_url?>" border="0" width="<?php echo $cnss_width ?>" height="<?php echo $cnss_height ?>" alt="<?php echo $icon->title ?>" /></a></td><td><a <?php echo ($icon->target==1)?'target="_blank"':'' ?> title="<?php echo $icon->title ?>" href="<?php echo $icon->url ?>"><?php echo $icon->title ?></a></td>

    I had some trouble with too much padding and margins on it, so I ended up resetting some of it with these (css/cnss.css):

    table.cnss-social-icon tr td, table.cnss-social-icon, table.cnss-social-icon tr {
    	padding:0 !important;
    	margin:0 !important;
    	border:none !important;
    	vertical-align:middle !important;
    	background:none !important;
    table.cnss-social-icon tr td img{
    	max-width:100% !important;
    	padding:0 8px 0 20px !important;
    	margin:0 0 -8px 0 !important;

    Both of the pieces above would need to copy and paste over those elements. They worked for my use case (the 20 pixels on the left of the icon images (table.cnss-social-icon tr td img) worked for my theme because I did that with all my text too).

    Maybe this might help someone else but you would have to keep manually updating and backing it up as any further updates would write over them. Or you could move the styles to your own theme’s styles and just copy the PHP each time. It would be nice if this was built in, but I know it can be some work.

    I have just seen this on more blogs lately so people know the difference between some of these social networks. I do like the compact look as well.

    hi. just wanted to say that i would find this a very useful addition to this plugin.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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