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  • ricomtl


    I just upgraded from qTranslate to mqtranslate without any issues.

    In my header, I used to have FR/EN side by side (text only, no flags) and now that I’ve upgaded, each language appears on 1 line..

    so it looks like:



    how can I get them together on one line?!


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  • ritmanis



    I usually don’t use the built in language switcher, but instead, make my own with HTML, so it’s more customizable.

    Basically, you can do this in your header.php file:

    <a href="/fr/">FR</a> / <a href="/en/">EN</a>

    And modify it by your own needs.
    You can even add some custom CSS for your active language if you want to.



    Thanks ritmanis. Your solution works, however it goes back to the homepage (/en or /fr) rather than switching the existing page to its equivalent translated content.



    I haven’t tested it myself, but this should work:

    <a href="/fr/<?php echo get_permalink(); ?>">FR</a> / <a href="/en/<?php echo get_permalink(); ?>">EN</a>



    ritmanis, thanks again for your time! I just tried it, it appears side by side as you pointed out, however the URL it calls is the full permalink followed by /fr + full permalink again, therefore it opens a 404.

    I feel that we are close!!! 🙂


    Did you manage to get where you wanted? If so, can you share the solution?

    I wasn’t able to do it myself so I left as is.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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